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COFCO Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. Nanpi unveiling ceremony was held Inauguration
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May 6 , COFCO engineering equipment ( Nanpi ) Limited held Inauguration ceremony. Nanpi company , was established in Zhangjiakou Dongxu grain after grain Engineering Machinery Company completed the acquisition of a second enterprise strategic acquisitions that will greatly reinforced engineering equipment manufacturing COFCO short board , key equipment and technology for research and development to enhance the ability to control .

COFCO party members attended the ceremony and Tian Wan early for the new company inaugurated. He pointed out in his speech , the Group has been committed to creating " industrial chain, good product" , to provide consumers with high quality, safe food service . COFCO engineering as a domestic foodstuff engineering and technical services industry leader , is an important part of " the whole industry chain" strategy. He hoped that by COFCO Nanpi engineering equipment company mergers and acquisitions, to strengthen business collaboration , complementary advantages and common development , to further improve the general contracting business model to enhance the level of engineering and technical services .

COFCO engineering equipment ( Nanpi ) Co., Ltd. is specialized in oil crushing , extraction, refining and other full equipment development and manufacturing enterprises, the main products of domestic press has more than 50% market share. COFCO Engineering implemented after the merger , acquisition and management will be summarized on the basis of experience , through increased research and development of new technologies and products , lean management and expansion of production scale and other initiatives, the company will be equipped to fight Nanpi COFCO internal oil processing engineering technology research and development the industrial base and domestic first-class , internationally renowned oil engineering outfit suppliers.

Engineering COFCO chairman Li , general manager Yao designed , functional departments , business unit heads, Cangzhou City , South County leaders than 100 people attended the ceremony.

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